Perfect! It was more than a word. It was a life’s mission that made Esther who she was. And suddenly, mired in the brutal shreds of raw, real, imperfect Life, something inside her snapped. “I…just…can’t…do perfect anymore.”

Powerhouse magazine editor Esther Samson is a force to be reckoned with. The picture-perfect superwoman — with her luxurious kitchen, flawless makeup, and tailored clothing — is a leader and doer. But underneath the perfect veneer is the knowledge that her marriage was painfully hollow, her relationship with her children is tenuous at best, and she hasn’t spoken to her sister in two decades, but no one knows why. Can Esther look beneath the trappings and façade of her photoshopped life and finally get real — with herself and her family?

See You, by bestselling author Riva Pomerantz, is a compelling, multilayered story about redemption and resilience, a kaleidoscope of deep emotions and profound perspectives. Join Esther as she’s forced to tear apart the fabric of her life. Will she succeed in rebuilding herself so she can finally find real meaning and happiness?

Author Riva Pomerantz
ISBN 9781614658771
Date Published November 2022
Leveled Reading
Pages 536
Cover Type Hardcover

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 9 in



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