Saadia HaLevi escapes from a Moslem orphanage in Yemen and meets… Saadia HaLevi who has also escaped from a Moslem orphanage. The two boys are identical, which is the real Saadia and which is the imposter?

About one hundred years ago in Yemen, the Imam made a cruel decree. All Jewish orphans became the property of the government and were forced to convert to Islam. Soldiers were sent all over the country to locate and kidnap Jewish orphans. Saadia and his baby brother Shalom are among those children, and are torn from their Uncle Elazar’s home. Here starts their journey of strength and Jewish pride.

On the way we will meet Ahmad Al Badar, the Imam’s wicked advisor, as well as the director and teachers of the Almadrast-Al-Islami Orphanage. We will also meet Rav Yitzchak HaLevi, the kind and caring rabbi of Yemen. He established a center to help Jewish children escape from the orphanages, and then smuggle them off to nearby Aden, and eventually to Eretz Yisrael.

Find out what happens on the way to the center… What mystery is going on inside… What advice the Rav gave and what was the outcome… Who is tracking their movements … and what surprise is waiting for us at the end.

An exciting historical adventure sure to keep you in suspense until the last page!

Author C. Zilberman F. Stern
ISBN 9781614659563
Pages 88
Cover Type Hardcover

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions9 × 13 in



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