Judaica4Kids is an online bookstore located in New York. We’re happy to offer you a wide selection of Jewish children’s books for different tastes and ages.

Here at Judaica4kids, we know that children are our future and how important Jewish education is. We strive to inject meaning, inspiration, spirituality and Jewish values all starting from the roots.

Our vast collection of Jewish children’s books educate, guide, inspire and entertain all different ages.

Jewish Children's Books for Everyone!

With over 140 books available in our store, we offer you a range of high-quality books for toddlers and young children, accompanied by original recordings and awesome full-size illustrations. What’s more, we offer detective, adventure, fantasy and other kinds of best Jewish children’s books to the young adult audience.

At Judaica4Kids, we’re devoted to best customer support practices. We always demonstrate a high commitment to sales quality and customer satisfaction. At Judaica4Kids, our Sales and Support Teams are dedicated to making your experience with us a pleasant and lasting one.

Our Online Customer Service department is open 6 days a week from 8 AM to 9 PM and Fridays, 8 AM to 3 PM.

Our Values

Children Are Our Future

This is why we strive to make the best books available to Jewish children. At our store, you’ll find both classic Jewish children’s books and modern ones to entertain young readers and teach them lessons about spirituality and wisdom. 

We Strive To Entertain

We offer books and CDs created with the help of the latest printing and CD technologies. That’s why, your children will fall in love with immersive high-quality illustrations, singing along to the traditional songs, tunes and prayers that the audio material includes.

We Strive To Inspire

The books we publish are carefully selected to be motivating, life-affirming and inspiring children to be the better option of themselves. 

We Stick To And Promote Jewish Values

With the titles available in our store, we adopt the traditional and modern means to share Jewish values and identity with younger generations.

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