Once Upon a Pesach

Inspirational Pesach Stories From Recent Times

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Pesach is a time for family connection and mesorah – Jewish tradition. One of the primary ways we connect is through telling the story of the miraculous birth of our nation. In this spirit of storytelling, noted author and educator Genendel Krohn has compiled this beautiful collection of stories that impart essential Jewish values to the next generation. This newest book in her illustrated Holiday Series for children is filled with Pesach related stories of remarkable self-sacrifice, commitment to mitzvos, simple faith in Hashem, and the value of a good deed. With Tova Katz’s beautiful illustrations, this is the perfect book for families to share throughout the Pesach season.

ISBN 978-1-59826-868-3
Author Genendel Krohn
Illustrator Tova Katz
Number of pages 49

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