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This is Lesson-a-Day in 1 volume complete with Daily Study Calendar.
A clear and comprehensive delineation of the laws of modesty which provides insights and practical advice on all aspects of dress and behavior.

Tznius – modesty – is an integral facet of Jewish life. As a daughter of the king a Jewish woman must dress the part. A definitive work on this vital quality, presenting the laws of modesty, its parameters, ideology, and applications. An easy to follow and comprehensive work on Tznius, whether in dress, behavior, speech or social interactions. All collated and explained in the clear and lucid manner that is characteristic of the author. This is a book for our times, scholarly yet readable; wide ranging yet authoritative. It is a classic Halachic work that is both decisive and relevant.

ISBN 9781680255140
Author Rabbi Pesach Eliyahu Falk
Number of pages 663

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