Guidance and insights for bas mitzvah girls and young women, based on the words of gedolim throughout the ages

Dear bas mitzvah girl,

You’re about to cross a bridge- from the life of a child to that of an adult. This book will help keep your special goal in front of you, as you journey towards it. It will remind you that Hashem has given you a very great tafkid- and equally great abilities, to fulfill that tafkid perfectly.

“I read and truly enjoyed the important sefer, Bas Mitzvah.

The sefer guides and accompanies a bas mitzvah as she approaches her acceptance of Torah and mitzvos, and it instills much yiras Shamayim, good middos, and honoring parents out of joy…”

From the Michtav Brachah of
Rebbetzin L. Kolodetsky

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-1-60091-759-2
Length: 320

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