Shalom and Simchah

Rabbi Juravel, everyone’s favorite storyteller, is back once again! In theĀ A Story! with Rabbi JuravelĀ series, kids will find terrific stories that focus on specific topics. The stories all contain the same wonderful blend of excitement, middos tovos, and yiras Shamayim that characterizes all of Rabbi Juravel’s popular tapes and books.

InĀ Shalom and Simchah, the importance of bringing shalom into our lives, and creating a simchah-dik atmosphere around us, is emphasized in thirty fantastic stories. You’ll read about Rabbi Huna Bar Rav, who always stayed out of arguments by letting the other person win, and how this was the zechus that helped him recover fromhis illness; about a boy named Dovid who did not want to get involved in machlokes while playing the “Shoe Threw” game; how the Shaagas Aryeh’s happiness to be wearing tefillin actually helped scare away a group of robbers; and many more amazing stories on the topics of shalom and simchah.

Children of all ages will enjoy and learn from these stories, and their parents and teachers will love reading and discussing the stories with them. This book is a perfect springboard for discussions on how to achieve the golden middos of shalom and simchah.

Author: Rabbi Juravel
Dimensions: 6″ X 9″
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781600914188
Length: 160
Media: Book

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