A children’s classic and all-time favorite!

Chaim from 613 Torah Avenue visits an amusement park where the rides spring to life and he meets a cast of amazing characters. Together, they sing and learn about all the wonderful stories and lessons in Sefer Shemos. 

Join Chaim for another unforgettable adventure!

Share the parsha songs of your childhood with your kids!

  • Ten makkos, makkos ten,
    The Mitzrim were punished again and again
  • It’s time to learn Torah right now.
    Follow me — I’ll show you how.

Comes with a read-along/music CD featuring the original classic recording!

Authors: Cheryle Knobel and Rivkah Neuman
Illustrator: Chani Judowitz
Hardcover | 9.25″ x 12.75″ | 44 pages | ISBN 9781607633013

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Weight3 lbs
Dimensions9.25 × 12.75 in



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