A novel approach to help children problem-solve and resolve conflicts peacefully on their own

Shalom. It’s the desire of all Jewish parents for their children – not to mention the desire of Hashem for us all! But when kids are fighting over who gets the best piece of cake, or who gets the swing first, can we still hope to have shalomamong them?

In You-Me-We, Rochie Levine shows us that yes, we can! With the powerful “You-Me-We” method, shalom is an attainable goal among all kids.

Learn about this amazing, tried-and-true method in this entertaining and educational book! Your kids will love it – and most importantly, you’ll discover that the seemingly daunting task of creating an arguments-free home is really within every family’s reach!

Reviewed by Parenting Expert, Blimi Heller

Conflict is a part of human life. Instead of trying to eliminate conflict, it’s far more beneficial to help our children learn how to navigate it. In this book, Rochie Levin shares a clear and doable strategy for children to navigate conflict in a respectful manner. Not only can children benefit from the strategy – so can adults!

-Blimi Heller
Author: Rochie Levin
Dimensions: 8.5″ X 11″
Format: Hardcover
Illustrator: Racheli David
ISBN: 9798886731255
Length: 33
Media: Book

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