Make Your Siddur A Part of the Conversation … with Hashem!

Rav Schwab on Prayer, the brilliant book on tefillah by one of the great rabbinic personalities of the twentieth century, has inspired thousands to enhance their davening. Now, Rav Schwab’s classic sefer on tefillah has been adapted into a practical and effective learning tool to improve your tefillos. Its concise format and features are based on Rav Schwab’s more complex work. Inside, you will find:
• Ideas and explanations that make each prayer relevant to you
• Stop and Think: An image or thought that helps you internalize a central theme of each tefillah.
• Quotes throughout the book of Rav Schwab’s own original words, set apart for you to ponder and gain deeper understanding.
• Power On, a unique feature aimed at helping bridge the gap between the ideas on the page and your real-time davening experience. There are many suggestions for noting, directly in your siddur, keys to inspiration that you can access as you daven.

Relationships are based on communication. If you want an authentic and fulfilling relationship with Hashem, open this book – and then open your siddur!

ISBN # : 9781422639603
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 342

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