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Ever felt left out at the Passover Seder?

Then this Haggadah is for you. It includes:

  • A complete transliteration–for those who have difficulty reading Hebrew
  • A fresh, new English translation–for those who would like to understand what they’re saying
  • The entire Hebrew text–for those who are comfortable with the original
  • Step-by-step Seder instructions–for those who need a little direction
  • Illuminating background material and commentary–to spice up your Seder

This Haggadah has everything you need, so use it and enjoy!

If you can read the words, “Dayaynoo” and “Mah nishtanah,” now you can read the Haggadah in Hebrew!

Transliterated & translated, with instructions & commentary
Softcover | 7.25″ x 9.25″ | 96 pages | ISBN 1880582600

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