The life, wisdom, and worldwide impact of Rabbeinu Yeruchom Halevi Levovitz, the Mashgiach of Mir

“Rav Yeruchom was the gadol hador of the yeshiva world.” — Rav Chaim Ozer Grodzinski, zt”l

Throughout our long exile, Hashem, in His kindness, has always granted us beacons of light to help us navigate our way through the darkness.

Rav Yeruchom Halevi Levovitz, zt”l, the Mirrer Mashgiach, was one of those beacons of light. He lived right before World War II and the destruction of European Jewry, one of the darkest times in Jewish history. He was a Heaven-sent messenger to illuminate the darkness by disseminating the Toras hamussar he had acquired from his illustrious rebbeim of Kelm, with profound wisdom.

Students came from all corners of the world and all walks of life to benefit from Rav Yeruchom’s guidance and bask in his light. His deep understanding of the human spirit built and inspired thousands of talmidim, each in his own unique way. Many of his students became the roshei yeshiva and rebbeim of the post-World War II generation.

Rav Yeruchom — The Light of the Torah World is more than just a biography. It’s an inspiring, life-altering, and eye-opening book that reveals the heights a human being can strive for, and the eternal guidance of the Mirrer Mashgiach, whose impact on the Torah world is still felt today.

From the Hebrew book HaMashgiach by Rav Menachem Mendel Plato
Translated and adapted by Rav Shaul Hutner, shlit”a, son-in-law of Hagaon Rav Mendel Kaplan, z”l

Hardcover | 6.5″ x 9.25″ | 310 pages | ISBN 9781607633761

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