Parsha in Pink

Weekly Inspiration From The Parsha To Ignite The Lives And Hearts Of Women Today

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This book is not about hearing another good vort on the Parsha. It’s about being inspired by the purity of our foremothers and great women in the Torah. It’s about rejuvenating and strengthening our spiritual reserves through the wisdom of the Parsha that pertain specifically to women and their particular challenges. It’s about bringing clarity to our lives and to the lives of those around us.


“…these weekly Shabbos lessons will invariably bring great benefit to frum women of all walks of life, uplift their Shabbos, their week, and their lives.”

Rabbi Yisroel Pinchos Bodner

“…besides giving inspiration to strengthen individuals in Emunah and BitachonRebbetzin Mindy Lankry gives over the true meaning of living a Torah life, which is to develop oneself, one’s family, one’s community, and one’s relationship to the Ribono Shel Olam.”

Rabbi Yochanan Zweig

ISBN 9781680252774
Author Rebbetzin Mindy Bodner-Lankry
Publisher Distributed By Feldheim
Number of pages 256

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