Emunah: Bring Down the Blessings!

We all know the infinite power of emunah to bring us tranquility and joy. Guess what? Emunah works – even when you’re working!

With more than 350,000 copies in print, Rabbi David Ashear’s Living Emunah series has transformed countless lives. Now, he shows us how even in our working lives, emunah will lead us to joy.

What is the correct balance between emunah and hishtadlus, human effort? What is David HaMelech’s segulah for parnassah? Can working truly be a part of our avodas Hashem? Through insights and stories, Rabbi Ashear shows us that if we add emunah to our efforts in parnassah, our struggles and challenges will instead become sources of happiness, tranquility, and endless blessings.

ISBN # : 9781422640708
Format : Hardcover
Pages : 352

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