In a world often lost on the road to building and maintaining a healthy self-esteem, Sarah Pachter’s Is It Ever Enough? serves as the much-needed compass toward true emotional and psychological health.
Sarah’s advice, culled together from her much-sought-after lectures and columns, is easily relatable. With the Torah as her guide, she inspires people of all backgrounds to elevate their lives while living with self-confidence.

I found this work fascinating, interesting, enjoyable, informative, motivating, and inspiring.

Rabbi Zev Leff

Sarah Pachter… is able to help individuals navigate their path in life in a healthy and balanced way according to Torah values.

Rabbi Baruch Simon

Is It Ever Enough? is an extraordinary work of surpassing enthusiasm and intelligence — infused with psychological sensitivity and personal warmth — by one of the most aspiring writers of our time…. Do yourself a favor and read this enchanting book.

Rabbi Hanoch Teller

Sarah Pachter is a person who “walks her talk.” Her sincerity and credible experience combine with a readable style to make a book that can potentially guide you on your journey toward becoming the person you want to be.

Rebbetzin Tziporah (Heller) Gottlieb

ISBN 9781680255195
Author Sarah Pachter
Number of pages 400

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