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Imagine you‚Äôre sitting in front of your holy¬†Chanukah¬†candles, taking in their amazing radiance. Then, unexpectedly, you hear a knock on the door. You open the door and a brilliant light shines into your home – a¬†tzaddik¬†has come to visit you. You sit down with him and begin to tell him what you‚Äôre going through. He responds to you in such a way that comforts you and awakens a yearning for¬†Hashem¬†in your heart. You learn together with the¬†tzaddik, and you realize that his teachings can completely transform your life. Afterwards, the¬†tzaddik¬†says he has to go, and he invites you to follow him outside the door. You build up your courage, and leave your home… Just then, the¬†tzaddik¬†lifts you up, and you start flying with him in the sky!

This is a glimpse into the Chanukah vision by Rebbe Nachman of Breslov that gives us new hope, brings us closer to the great tzaddikim, and inspires us to find Hashem in all aspects of our lives.

ISBN 9798985231434
Author Rabbi Lev Moshe Leventer
Number of pages 280
Binding type Hard Cover

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