Why does the moon seem to follow you wherever you go?

How many different types of volcanoes are there? What causes brain freeze? How is an airplane able to fly? How was popcorn invented? What is a 3D printer?

If you’ve ever wondered about these or other science-related questions, you’ll want to check out this amazing book, the latest in Efraim Harari’s “Jewish World of Wonders” series.

In this book, we take you on an exploration of space, plants, Earth, the weather, medicine, and so many other fascinating fields of science. Whether your interest lies in astronomy, human anatomy, meteorology, or technology, there’s something in here for everyone and for all ages!

Younger readers will be intrigued by the fun and whimsical Professor Noe Ital, who lends a touch of humor to this impressive book. Follow the Professor as he guides you through ten fields of science, complete with fun facts, Torah Tidbits, jokes, and lots more!

You’ll be awestruck at the massiveness and intricacy of our galaxy. You’ll be astounded at the precise workings of the human body. You’ll be boggled at the plethora of plant life that exists.
You’ll be absolutely amazed at the nifla’os ha’Borei that abound in our universe wherever you choose to look!

Author: Efraim Harari
Dimensions: 9″ X 12″
Format: Hardcover
Illustrator: Darrel Mordecai
ISBN: 9781600913464
Length: 170
Media: Book

Additional information

Weight3 lbs
Dimensions8 × 12 in



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