How a Broken Bone Changed My Life Forever

It all started with one misstep. One nasty trip-and-fall incident the day before her son’s wedding, and Miriam Hendeles’s life would never be the same again.

It’s never fun to break an ankle. But worse than that is when that broken ankle refuses to heal, and complications begin to set inā€”complications that you never dreamed you’d have to deal with…

Best Foot ForwardĀ relates the medical roller-coaster ride Mrs. Hendeles had to endure for an entire year-plus, due to a complicated break. But more than the actual details of that ride, the book illustrates the higher road a person can choose to take when confronting any challenge in his or her life: the road that includes acceptance; learning to relinquish control to Hashem; discovering coping tools; and appreciating the many gifts life has to offer.

A popular writer and music therapist,Ā Miriam HendelesĀ is best known for her witty and pithy observations on life. InĀ Best Foot Forward, she leads her readers on a journey through her frightening yet uplifting experience, with her trademark warmth and humor. You will find this book to be both an engrossing and thought-provoking read.

Author: Miriam Hendeles
Dimensions: 6″x 9″
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781600917714
Length: 232
Media: Book

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