Yarmulkes for Sale

Once there was a traveling salesman selling yarmulkes on top of his head!

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Once there was a traveling salesman selling yarmulkes on top of his head!

So begins the delightful tale of Yarmulkes for Sale, a creative spin on a beloved story. With whimsical illustrations by Malka Barshishat.


Review from Rabbi Yaacov Feit, Director of Judaic Studies:

“I grew up with the classic book Caps for Sale and was excited to own and read it to my children. But everytime I did I was a bit uncomfortable with the middos and anger displayed by the salesman. I started to realize that perhaps this is not the best children’s book. 
When my wife came home yesterday with Yarmulkas for Sale I thought to myself “cute but I wonder if the author felt the same way I did.” I suspected that it would have the same exact story just switching caps for yarmulkas. And then I was so appreciative that the author had the sensitivity to completely change the perspective with the Yarmulka salesman not responding angrily but with multiple requests of “Please” and displays of Emunah. It was a stark realization of אנו עמלים והם עמלים. 
Mi Keamcha Yisrael!
Tizku Lemitzvos for taking this “classic” and turning it into a book that finally can instill within children the messages they should receive.”

Author Esther Heller
ISBN 9781614659235
Date Published September 2022
Pages 28
Cover Type Hardcover

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