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What’s Bothering Rashi 2, New Edition


A Guide To In-Depth Analysis Of Rashi’s Torah Commentary


The bestselling What’s Bothering Rashi? series trail blazed the study of Rashi’s classic commentary to the Torah. It allowed readers of all backgrounds to meet the intellectual and spiritual challenge of learning Rashi’s peirush and gain the satisfaction of perceiving its profound wisdom.

This all-new edition, with over 200 original insights spanning all the parshiyos, once again helps students gain an in-depth understanding of Rashi’s timeless words. It will enable you to appreciate Rashi’s unique style, become attentive to the nuances of his language and become aware of what lies behind Rashi’s interpretations.


This is another scintillating and inspiring work on Torah from the hand of the eminent scholar and psychologist, Dr. Avigdor Bonchek, author of the renowned series, What’s Bothering Rashi? Dr. Bonchek’s unique educational approach blends analysis and commentary with dialogue and moral instruction, leading the reader/student into the inner light of Rashi’s world.

Rabbi Dr. Don Well President Emeritus, Hebrew Theological College, Skokie Former Dean of Jewish Studies, Yeshiva University Executive Vice-President, Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York

With Avigdor Bonchek you don’t simply learn Rashi but rather you discover Rashi, and that is a truly exhilarating experience. This new series is a welcome and sorely needed addition to Torah literature.

Rabbi Dr. Sholom Gold Rabbi Emeritus, Kehillat Zichron Yosef, Har Nof Founder and Dean, Aron Silver Jerusalem College for Adults, OU Israel Center

ISBN 9781680253375
Number of pages 504

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