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A chain of bizarre occurrences unfolds, one after the other: Someone attempts a terrorist attack at the British Museum, but he’s the only one injured. An interrogation reveals that the explosion is a cover-up for a daring burglary and that one of the most valuable pieces of artwork at the museum, Dure’s Rhinoceros, has been stolen. A further investigation, however, shows that the burglary has no connection to the act of terror and other strange things are revealed instead.

A parking lot attendant at the museum is found knocked out and locked up in a bathroom stall. Radio transmitters are found inside of garbage cans, and there’s a driver who’s been shot at with rubber bullets in the parking lot. There are a lot of loose ends and none of it comes together so the British police force reach a dead end with the investigation.

And then the strangest event takes place a month later: the terrorist and burglar, both incarcerated in the same prison, pull off a brilliant escape operation. Things proceed at a dizzying pace from that time onward, as everyone involved in the saga races to bring it to a satisfying windup.

Who’s fighting against whom?

Who will be the first in the race against the life of Yassir Abu Rajal, wanted terrorist? Will the Mossad succeed at its mission to liquidate the terrorist or will the sophisticated burglar, Jack Novak, get ahead of them and smuggle him across the border?

And what role does mafia leader DeCarlo play in all of this?

Action, never-ending suspense, and a struggle between forces all combine in this thrilling new novel by Yonah Sapir.

Like Friendly Fire, its predecessor, Wanted will have you gasping in shock until its incredible conclusion.

Author: Yonah Sapir
Dimensions: 6″x 9″
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781600915819
Length: 432

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