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The Haggadah Experience


The Pesach Haggadah With Classic Stories And Commentary From Our Gedolim. The Haggadah That Transforms Your Seder To A Seder Experience!


At last–a haggadah so easy-to-use, interesting, and streamlined that it adds and uplifts the Seder with its effortless format and abundant wisdom. Presented in a clear, visually pleasing layout, this haggadah brings short but sweet commentary on the entire Seder lending color and spice without putting the Seder participants on overload. A nice mix of classic and contemporary, stories and teachings, this haggadah, which includes the entire hebrew text with a pleasant English translation, is perfect for the beginner or for those looking for a straightforward, yet sophisticated approach. This haggadah is also perfect for young adults who will enjoy its down-to-earth and engaging commentary and style.

ISBN 978-1-59826-369-5
Number of pages 238


Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 9 in


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