The Coming Revolution

Science Discovers the Truths of the Bible

The Revolution is Underway!

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Science Discovers the Truths of the Bible

The Revolution is Underway!

It has become increasingly clear that countless scientific discoveries of our time have been known to the Jewish people for millennia – from the time of the Bible itself!

Many of our leading scientists are astonished to find that the Torah – the body of Jewish wisdom including the Bible, Prophets, and later Writings – describes secrets of nature with remarkable precision, which modern science and its technological advances have only recently discovered.

With the enthusiastic participation of scientists from around the world, Zamir Cohen, leading Israeli lecturer on the topics of Judaism, modern culture and science, presents an enthralling volume containing dozens of examples of this ongoing revolution, and including over a hundred rare, original photographs.

Among the topics covered:

  • The Creation of the Universe
  • Character, Fate, and Free Choice
  • The Secret of Dreams
  • Water Reservoirs in Space
  • Life after Life
  • Genetics and the Bible
  • The Fetus Sees and Feels
  • Stress after Rest – Healthy or Unhealthy
  • The Atom and the Soul of the Inanimate
  • Stages in the Menstrual Cycle
  • A Dangerous Awakening

Zamir Cohen is one of Israel’s leading rabbis, thinkers and speakers. With a broad knowledge of Judaism, science and contemporary events, his seminars and lectures attract thousands of people yearly, and his television and media appearances have a wide viewership.

The original Hebrew version of The Coming Revolution was an instant, national bestseller, and is currently being translated into several languages.

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ISBN: 9789659123100
Length: 320

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