Renowned Torah educator and bestselling writer Rabbi David Sutton joins with noted therapist Dr. David Katzenstein, DSW, LCSW-R, to give us a book designed to help change our lives for the better.

The Art of Being You gently guides us on a journey to:
• Embrace healthy emotional processing instead of avoiding it
• Unlock the secrets of emotional wellness and inner peace
• Find comfort in discomfort, fostering growth through challenges
• Cultivate patience and understanding towards others and ourselves
• Harness the power of faith and reliance on G-d during trying times

Drawing from true stories, Torah insights from Jewish sages, professional therapeutic guidance, engaging black and white illustrations, and daily exercises tailored to be practical, accessible, and relatable The Art of Being You is a guide that leads us towards a contented, satisfying, and more meaningful life.

ISBN # : 9781422639115
Format : Paperback
Pages : 200
Dimensions : 7 x 9 inches


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