Real Deal Answers to Tough Hashkafah Questions

For years, Rabbi Chaim Veshnefsky has been providing thousands of teenagers (and adults), from all over the world, with clear answers to tough hashkafahquestions, and an enhanced appreciation for the depth of Yiddishkeit and the accuracy of our mesorah. Now, for the first time, the material of his popular lectures is available in book form!

InTell Me the Truth! Rabbi Veshnefsky tackles challenging hashkafah issues, such as:
*How we know that Yiddishkeit is the truth

*Since the evidence is so clear to the truth of Torah, why doesn’t everyone get it?

*What is the brachah of shelo asani ishah all about?

*Why is there so much misery and suffering in the world?

In the words of one teenager, the answers Rabbi Veshnefsky shares are not “fluff and bluff,” but are the unadulterated truth. His concise, logical, and humorous style has endeared him to many, and shines through the pages of this amazing work.

Rabbi Veshnefsky has produced an important work that offers clarity on the fundamental issues that are on the minds of today’s Torah students – young and old alike.

–Rabbi Shmuel Yaakov Klein

Torah Umesorah Director of Publications and Communications


Rabbi Chaim Veshnefsky’s sefer empowers and inspires! He provides clear, concise, and honest answers to common hashkafah questions in the setting of an engaging and exciting read.

— Rabbi Yisroel Chaim Blumenthal

Rav, White Street Shul, Lakewood, NJ



This exceptional sefer is truly a gamechanger! The depth and sheer breadth of the material used, combined with a very easy to read style, is exactly what is needed…

–Mrs. Gina Levenberg

Founder and Educational Consultant,

Torah Umesorah Teachers Centre, Manchester, U.K.


Author: Rabbi Chaim Veshnefsky
Dimensions: 6″ X 9″
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9798886730326
Length: 183
Media: Book

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