Sh’va Adventures with Ziggawat

Delightful Yom Tov Stories Teaching The Sh’va And Hebrew Reading Specialty Rules


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Children’s favorite fluffy yellow friend, Ziggawat, is back with seventeen exciting Yom Tov stories which help teach the Sh’va and Hebrew Reading Specialty Rules!

Especially designed for multi-level ages, Sh’va Adventures with Ziggawat is a book which will grow with your child.


For ages 5-7: Lovable Ziggawat, Sister, and their new friends “Loudy” (Sh’va Na) and “Sleepy” (Sh’va Nach), help the kriah rules come to life for children in such a fun way that children don’t even realize they are learning! From Chanukah carnivals to Pesach cleaning escapades, there is a story for each Yom Tov to delight any child. Plus, a bonus activity page after each story encourages readers to practice their newly learned skills!

For ages 8 and up: With the realization that many older students (and even adults!) find the kriah rules challenging, this book was written to entertain and teach an older audience as well. In action packed comic style, the stories have lots to look at – and laugh at, while building the crucial foundation of advanced Hebrew reading.


Most importantly, embedded in the stories are middos tovos and lifelong Torah lessons, so that Ziggawat fans of all ages can continue to learn and grow – in joy!


Teaches Ashkenazic and Sephardic kriah rules.

ISBN 9781680259193
Author A Weinberger
Number of pages 120
Binding type Hard Cover

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Dimensions9 × 12 in



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