Stories of tzaddikim warm our hearts, enlighten our minds and awaken our souls. They are like precious diamonds, handed down from one generation to the next, to eternalize the merit and the memory of the Torah leaders who guided our nation and prayed on our behalf, working amazing miracles for one and all.

Have you ever wanted to visit the beis midrash of the Rebbe from Ratzport, or walk down the streets of Pozna near the home of Rabbi Akiva Eiger? Would you have loved to hear the breathtaking tefillos of the “Yanuka” of Stolin, or visit the beis din of Rabbi Yosef Engel from Krakow, and be warmed by the glow of his wisdom?

Now you have the chance to visit gedolei yisroel from past generations, to observe their lives and be inspired by their holy ways.

The beautiful illustrations by master artist R’ Yehudah Yisrael add life and color to these wonderful stories.

Shining Lights – Warm yourselves by the lights of the tzaddikim.

Author Aharon Estreicher
ISBN 9781614659433
Date Published
Leveled Reading
Pages 72
Cover Type Hardcover

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions9 × 13 in



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