The Era of Shoftim

Rabbi Weiss, esteemed rav, prolific author, as well as rosh yeshivah of Staten Island Yeshivah, delves into the life of Shimshon in a most comprehensible and enlightening way. Drawing upon numerous mefarshim, the book provides readers with the means to emerge from this enigmatic story in Sefer Shoftim with a most lucid understanding of events.

In addition to his exhaustive work on the story of Shimshon Rabbi Weiss also focuses – for the first time – on other cryptic events in Tanach, such as the story of Pilegesh B’Givah and Pesel Michah.

A crucial tool in understanding the events in Sefer Shoftim including the many layers in the chain of events, learning what took place when, and, most importantly, the messages that are derived from these epochal events.

Author: Rabbi Gershon Weiss
Dimensions: 6″ X 9″
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781600911835
Length: 348

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