Potion for Success #1 – In the Secret Laboratory

Comic Story with Ideas from Shaar Habitachon




Comic Story with Ideas from Shaar Habitachon

A rare animal that is almost impossible to catch and two zoo managers determined to do (almost) anything to catch it.

A reclusive alchemist in a basement with the secret for turning metal into gold and a young apprentice determined to learn the recipe.

These are some of the characters in our story that learn about and teach us about bitachon.

Is it possible?

Is there really a potion that can bring us wealth and success without effort and hard work?

How can we be calm and serene if we don’t even have a penny to our name?

Join Saba Atika and the Batchani family as they discover a mysterious gate that takes them on a journey back in time, a journey on which they will learn about bitachon and the price of supposed wealth.

This interesting and enjoyable book adapts ideas from the Shaar Habitachon of Rabbeinu Bachya’s Chovos Halevavos for young readers.

By Ari Sela

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9798885861625
Length: 46
Media: Book

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Dimensions9 × 12 in



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