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Point Blank – Part 1

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Shaul’s voice cut in. “Good luck, Eyal.”
“Thanks,” he replied.  I’m gonna need it.

Eyal sprinted back toward the cell to find Abu Manuel already “What’s happening?” the terrorist demanded.

“Take this.” Eyal shoved the FOX into Abu Manuel’s hands, chortling bitterly at the irony of his situation. Here he was handing a massive bomb over to a terrorist!
If anyone had told him that he’d one day be in this bizarre situation, he would have laughed out loud at what would clearly have been a bad joke. Abu Manuel obviously thought the same because he stared at Eyal with shock, bitterness, and pride. “You really trust me, don’t you?”
Eyal Gilboa is in Tavor Prison… caught in an attempted takeover by his brother-in-law. With no good solutions anywhere in sight, how can Eyal prevent the insurrection, while keeping everyone alive?
The thrilling conclusion to Point Blank.

By Yonah Sapir
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9798886730548
Length: 364
Media: Book

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