Now THAT’S A Story …

… About Ahavas Yisrael
He was a special needs teen. He missed Simchas Torah because of a mistake he made. Two days later, the shul did the hakafos for him all over agaln … with flags, candies, and even a band!

…. About Shidduchim
She’d let her younger sister “skip” ahead, never dreaming the shidduch would move so quickly. Now she was having second thoughts. What could the mother of two daughters do to ease their pain?

… About Mesiras Nefesh and Miracles

How did an eleven-year-old boy – with only his infant brother as company — survive a walk of one-thousand miles and eventually grow up to be a judge in Rav Nissan Karelitz’s beis din? In this new collection, Rabbi Yechiel Spero, the master storyteller, touches our hearts, brings a smile to our face and, sometimes, tears to our eyes. Most of all, he reminds us of the greatness – sometimes hidden but always there – in every Jew, including ourselves.

As his tens of thousands of devoted readers have discovered, a “Spero Story” is one that satisfies, engages and inspires us to say, when we’ve turned the final page, “Now, THAT’s a story!”

ISBN # : 9781422640326
Format : Hardcover

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