The Climb To Greatness

In¬†Mind over Man, readers are given a glimpse into the perspective of a true¬†ba’al mussar, someone whose character traits are a constant work in progress. Based on Rabbi Yechiel Perr’s daily¬†va’adim¬†inSefer Madreigas Ha’adam, this book aims to guide those who are looking to improve the most important and basic aspects of their lives.

Written by a¬†talmid¬†of Rabbi Perr, in Rabbi Perr’s signature, incisive style,¬†Mind over Man¬†is a book whose words will penetrate deep into the mind, heart, and soul of every G-d-fearing Jew.

Rabbi Yechiel Yitzchok Perr is the¬†rosh yeshivah¬†of Yeshiva Derech Ayson of Far Rockaway, a position he has held for close to half a century. Rabbi Perr is a¬†talmid¬†of Hagaon Harav Aharon Kotler¬†zt”l, as well as the son-in-law of Hagaon Harav Yehudah Leib Nekritz¬†zt”l, and grandson of Hagaon Harav Avraham Yaffen¬†zt”l,¬†who was the son-in-law of the Alter of Novardok¬†zt”l. Rabbi Perr has spent decades imbibing, studying, and teaching the works and legacy of the Alter and his¬†talmidim.

Rabbi Perr’s daily¬†va’adim¬†in¬†Sefer Madreigas Ha’adam¬†(the work recording the discourses of the Alter), and other¬†mussar¬†works, are widely disseminated among his many¬†talmidim¬†and listeners the world over. This volume comprises a selection of his¬†va’adim¬†on the “Beirur Hamiddos” (Assessment and Improvement of Character Traits) section of¬†Sefer Madreigas Ha’adam.

By: Rabbi Yehuda Keilson

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Length: 352
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