Middos Man – Volume 7

Acting with Derech Eretz – Book & Read-Along CD

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Acting with Derech Eretz – Book & Read-Along CD

MiddosMan is an exciting way to introduce young children to the concepts of middos and Torah values.

MiddosMan uses warm, relatable characters; exciting, easy-to-understand stories; and real-life practical middos lessons.
MiddosMan combines stories, music, rich and full-color illustrations, and fun activities to help young children have a positive introduction to middos and character development.In MiddosMan, Acting with Derech Eretz, the seventh book in this series, children are taught how to properly react to a parent’s request, even when they don’t feel like listening. Sure to become a fast favorite among kids!

Author: Esther Ornstein
Dimensions: 8.5″x11″
Format: Hardcover
Illustrator: Racheli David
ISBN: 9798886730296
Length: 33

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    Kids loved it!

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