Mah BaParashah – Hebrew Edition Weekly Parashah – Sefer Vayikra – Jaffa Family Edition

An illustrated retelling of the Chumash with Midrash


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Now available in Hebrew! A Unique Way to Instill a Love of Torah into our Children!

This unique narrative retelling of the Chumash is designed to engage readers ages 8 and up, and to connect them in a deep and meaningful way to the Torah. Written by an educator with decades of experience, it will instill in the heart of young people a love for Torah and a commitment to Jewish tradition and values.

Based on the Chumash text, classic commentators, and the Midrash, The Weekly Parashah features age-appropriate text and graphics, gorgeous illustrations, and dozens of short sidebars that enhance the reading experience. A special section in the back lists the hundreds of sources, making it a fantastic resource for parents and educators.

In addition to a full narrative of the parashah, The Weekly Parashah includes:

Maaseh Avos: What happened to the Avos is a sign of what will happen to us!
Fascinating Facts: Interesting information related to the parashah.
Torah in our Lives: The Torah shows us how to live.
Questions, Anyone? We all have questions. Here are some of the answers.
Who’s Who in the Torah: A fascinating look at some of the people in the Torah.

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Pages : 240

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