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Kosher Classics Cookbook


Menus and Customs Around the Jewish Year
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Menus and Customs Around the Jewish Year

In Kosher Classics, nutritionist and popular educator Gitta Bixenspanner takes us through the Jewish year, offering only the most delicious dishes at every stop. You’ll enjoy a full selection of Shabbos-worthy delicacies, everything from the perfect potato kugel to creamsicle ice cream.

And along with recipes to enhance each season and holiday, including dishes with the simanim incorporated into them for Rosh Hashanah, an international-themed Purim party menu, outstanding Pesach recipes, and a delightful dairy Shavuos menu, you’ll find fresh ideas for the kids’ lunch boxes, easy crock-pot dinners, tips for the best summer barbecues, and even gourmet recipes for those special occasions.

In her warm, friendly style, Gitta shows how to take advantage of each season’s bounty, all with an eye toward nutrition. Whether you’re new in the kitchen or an experienced cook, the 300+ recipes in Kosher Classics will expand your repertoire and introduce new family favorites.

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 978-0-9861650-0-9
Length: 374

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