Miraculous escape from Vilna to Shanghai

The Second World War and the Holocaust were the most significant events in the history of the Jewish Nation in recent times.

One episode that occurred during this stormy period of time was the miraculous escape of a group of yeshivah bachurim who fled from Nazi-occupied Poland to the Far East and, eventually, to safer shores. The survival of the bachurim and their Rabbanim allowed them to continue the legacy of the magnificent Yeshivahs that were destroyed by the Nazis and the bachurim who were killed, Hashem Yikom damam.

For the first time, this historic Torah episode has been adapted for children and youth in a quality, picture comic book. This story is dramatic, suspenseful and imbedded with lessons of emunah and bitachon.

This second volume of the three-volume set accompanies Leiblel, a yeshiva bachur, on his brave, dangerous journey with his yeshiva in exile. It describes the travels and travails of the yeshiva and the desperate attempts of its leaders to lead it to safe shores.

Dimensions: 12″x9″
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9798885861854
Length: 49
Media: Book

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