Are you searching for your soulmate?

Is the person you are dating now the one?


Daniel Ratner, sought-after speaker and life coach, is here to guide you to happily ever after. With his proven and successful Four Phases of Love formula, you will reach the loving and fulfilling marriage you’ve always dreamed of.


Infinite Marriage offers concepts that are simple and relatable, guidelines that are easily remembered with the use of catchy phrases, and a dating worksheet to help you discover your soulmate and “merit your bashert”!


“Original, creative, and innovative…”

Rabbi Chaim Aryeh Zev Ginzberg


About the Author:

Coach Ratner is a former world-class rare coin dealer and real estate developer in America. He now lives in Israel, teaching and giving stimulating seminars throughout the country. His focus is on personal growth, relationships, and spiritual motivation. He also has a weekly show, “The Living in Clarity Podcast,” on YouTube and all major podcast outlets. You can find him speaking weekly at the Aish Essentials program in the Old City of Jerusalem

ISBN 9781961602328
Author Coach Ratner
Number of pages 232
Binding type Compact Hard Cover

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