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Where is the line that divides right from wrong?

Eyal Gilboa has been in “the business” for a long, long time. Over the years, he has been forced to make decisions and take actions that some may have found morally questionable. But Eyal has always drawn his own lines and behaved in the most ethical way possible for each situation.

Until his best friend, Eli, is captured by a Syrian arch-terrorist with whom Eyal has a traumatic past. Eyal’s monsters awaken, devouring the shield he’s erected around his heart, and sending him plummeting into an emotional maelstrom that threatens to drown him.

Eyal’s friends and family worry that he has started to cross his own moral boundaries. In his attempt to rescue his friend, he gets caught in a labyrinth of intrigue that includes the Mafia, organ trafficking, and cutting deals with murderers.

Eyal insists he knows what he’s doing, that his first loyalty, besides to G-d, is to his men and their safe return.

It’s a fine line. Has Eyal lost his way?

The gripping conclusion to In Cold Blood.

By Yonah Sapir
Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9798886731422
Length: 420
Media: Book

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