Kids need friends!

But friendships come with challenges and children need a guiding hand to help them meet those challenges. I Want A Friend 2 is the newest volume in this bestselling series. It tunes in the lives of Shira, Dovid and Tamar, three siblings who learn tried-and-true strategies to: be sensitive to people’s feelings; stop being a sore loser; be careful what one says; accept from others graciously; apologize and make up and develop healthy self-esteem. Reading these stories to your children and involving them by discussing their own similar situations, provides a perfect springboard for teaching your children essential, lifelong social skills.

About the Author:

Devorah Benedict is an artist and author who gives workshops throughout Israel and has illustrated undreds of children’s books. She specializes in using the medium of art to impart messages to young children. The first book in the I Want a Friend series met with wide acclaim.

Devorah Benedict’s stores are charming, rich in emotion, and captivating for young readers. Children will undoubtedly learn powerful insights and tools that will help them make new friends and be better friends themselves! (Chaim Walder)

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  1. Leya Yusupov (verified owner)

    Love this book and all the different lessons that it teaches about social skills.

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