Four brave inmates escape from a Nazi concentration camp under the noses of the evil Hassebroek and join a group of intrepid Jewish partisans. They all risk their lives to help each other, and together they concoct clever plans to foil the Nazis’ nefarious plans.


Incredibly, the partisans manage to slip through the Nazi commandant’s fingers again and again, as he chases them through forests and across borders. But that’s not enough for our partisans, and they do everything they can to cause him heavy losses as they make their way to freedom.


Join us for a spine-tingling adventure with awe-inspiring emunah on every page!

ISBN 9781680254662
Author Rabbi Avraham Ohayon
Illustrator Dan and Yoel Bar Lev
Binding type Hard Cover

Additional information

Weight2 lbs
Dimensions8 × 12 in



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