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And now, appearing at center stage, meet and greet

… An angry doctor, a pair of fake tefillin, and a soul seeking forgiveness.

… a young non-Jewish couple, a rabbi on an airplane, and a shidduch in the making.

… an aspiring singer whose silence brought untold blessings.

And dozens more men and women sharing authentic feelings, challenges – and greatness.

C.B. Weinfeld knows people. And she knows how to tell a fantastic story. In Center Stage she brings us stories that engage and inspire us. Stories that sometimes surprise and often elevate us. Stories that rekindle our belief in others and enhance our own optimism and simchah.

These stories, which originally appeared in Yated Neeman or Ami magazine, show the inner goodness – and, yes, the inner greatness – that lives within ordinary people, people like you and me. Because good people make great stories.

ISBN-10: 142263194X
ISBN #: 9781422631942
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 432

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