The Book of Our Heritage illuminates the many phases of the Jewish calendar – its holidays and festivals, fast days, and days of rejoicing and sorrow. It explains the meanings of the laws of observance and includes a wealth of Midrashic commentary and inspiring insights by earlier and later Sages. Written almost fifty years ago, The Book of Our Heritage quickly became an exceedingly popular and essential work for every Jewish home, exploring the breadth of our glorious tradition and heritage. It captured the hearts of Jews from all backgrounds and walks of life, as a book to teach and learn from, either at the Shabbos table or any time a Jew wants to draw knowledge and inspiration for any occasion. 3 volume, pocket sized edition is the perfect companion to take with you anywhere you go.

About the author: Rabbi Eliyahu Kitov, of blessed memory, is one of Israel’s most acclaimed religious authors, whose books on the Jewish way of life and on the Chassidic movement have become renowned bestsellers. The publication of this edition in 1997 coincided with the twenty-first anniversary of his passing.

ISBN 1583303677
Author Eliyahu Kitov
Number of pages 1126

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