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Bedtime Stories Of Torah Values


BEDTIME STORIES OF TORAH VALUES Shmuel Blitz has established his credentials as a great story picker and storyteller.


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The Bedtime Story Man is back with his latest collection of beautifully told stories. This time Shmuel Blitz goes back to the greatest source of all — the Torah and Prophets. Those timeless lessons are retold here with reverence and charm. Faith, kindness, forgiveness, charity — the values we all want our children to absorb. Preaching doesn’t do it. Stories can (coupled with example, of course). In this wonderful book, the stories are lovingly told by Shmuel Blitz and charmingly illustrated by Tova Katz. It’s a wonderful addition to Blitz’s distinguished shelf of children’s books. Don’t miss it!

ISBN-10: 1578194989
ISBN #: 9781578194988
Format: Hardcover
Pages: 48

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