A Journey with Rabbi Juravel 3

The Great Escape & Other Stories

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The Great Escape & Other Stories

Welcome back to the exciting world of Berel and Breindy Adler and friends! Danger, mystery, and fun await Rabbi Juravel’s extraordinary characters as they use their wit and wisdom to travel through A Journey with Rabbi Juravel III. What happens when Berel is falsely accused of shoplifting? Will he be able to prove his innocence? Can Berel and Breindy find a way to escape when the attic of a huge empty house becomes their prison?

Are the clever siblings quick enough to save their father when two thieves plan to ambush him? Join them on their Journey and discover more than adventure and suspense – find out truths about life, feelings, and the challenges and rewards of growing up as a good Jew.Get ready readers! You are about to embark on A Journey with Rabbi Juravel – The Great Escape. Hold on tight!!

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 1-931681-63-5
Length: 256

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