24 Hours is the story of a desperate race against the clock that takes place across continents and in far-off countries. It is the story of a hunt for a set of disk drives containing top-secret intelligence information that has fallen into the wrong hands.
Nimrod, an agent for the Israeli Mossad, turns out to be a despicable traitor, prepared to sell his people and his country for the right price. Through Nimrod’s treachery, Israel’s nuclear secrets end up in Iranian hands.

The Iranians will have to crack five drives in order to access Israel’s nuclear secrets, and 24 hours is the amount of time they must wait between the time they crack one drive and the next. It’s also the amount of time the Mossad has in its attempt to track down the drives and prevent unspeakable disaster.

Who will win the race? Will the Mossad outsmart the enemy and locate the drives before it’s too late?

Author Avraham Ohayon
ISBN 9798888390788
Date Published April 2023
Pages 56

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