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An inspiring anthology that strengthens emunah and bitachon

When Rav Wosner opened his eyes he sighed and ruled, “The answer is clear. You have a strong claim against your partner. You may take him to a din Torah.” I well understood the meaning of a din Torah. The case would sprout wings and take flight as the scandal of the century. Before long, we’d be the talk of the town, and everyone in the neighborhood – in shuls, kollelim, and groceries – would be gossiping and analyzing our situation. Worst of all was the personal devastation it would wreak on our personal lives and immediate family. We weren’t only friends; we were mechutanim twice over. I didn’t want to imagine how it could impact our couples and grandchildren.

Even in the ideal case that Heshy panicked upon receiving the summons to beis din, apologized, and returned the sum I was due, an iron wall would stand forever between us. How would we dance together at our grandchildren’s chasunos? How would we sit side by side at the next bris?Suddenly, I realized that the tzaddik was still speaking. “Certainly, you may go to beis din, but you should know that Hashem repays His children tenfold in This World when they yield for the sake of peace!”

102: The Gematria of Emunah

Rabbi Tzvi Nakar, contemporary maggid and author of the series Emunah Shleimah al HaTorah and Emunah Shleimah – Bar Mitzvah, weaves a tapestry of stories on emunah and bitachon. His powerful lessons and gripping tales of hashgachah pratis, most of which are drawn from modern times, enthuse and inspire, drawing the reader’s heart to yearn for a deeper connection to Hashem. This updated English edition includes inspiring new stories from the COVID-19 pandemic.

by Rabbi Tzvi Nakar

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781600917967
Length: 528
Media: Book

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