Memories, anecdotes, lessons, and customs of a venerable tzaddik and mystical miracle worker in our generation

The Ribnitzer Rebbe, Harav Chaim Zanvil Abramovitz zt”l, was a legend in his time. He was renowned for his holiness, his fearless service of Hashem, and for the many incredible miracles he brought about.

As a close chassid and confidant of the Rebbe, Rabbi Avrohom Cohn was privileged to witness firsthand the Rebbe’s greatness; with his own eyes he observed the Rebbe unlocking the treasure troves of Heaven to shower blessings, salvations, and compassion upon his beloved nation. In this book Rabbi Cohn journals his many interactions with the Ribnitzer Rebbe and the supernatural occurrences that he saw happen in the Rebbe’s presence. A synopsis of the Rebbe’s early years in the USSR is also included.

The Ribnitzer Rebbe
 is a book that will leave readers mesmerized and inspired by the righteousness of the Rebbe, yearning to achieve greater heights in their own service of Hashem.

Translated from the Hebrew, B’mechitzaso by Mrs. Esther Perkal, Edited by Dr. Jeffrey Solomon

By Rabbi Avraham Hakohen Cohn

Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 9781600916984
Length: 272


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