The King’s Special Loaves

A Young Boy, An Eager Kohen, Two Curious Romans, And Three Enthusiastic Bakers: A Historical Adventure, Including The Preparation Of The Lechem Ha-Panim And Shtei Ha-Lechem And The Laws Of Menachos

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What do you get when you mix together a young boy, an eager kohen, two curious Romans, and three enthusiastic bakers? A wonderful story, of course! This gripping, inspiring, fun book, newest release in the Naftali in the Beis HaMikdash Series, gives kids a glimpse at what life was like when the Beis Hamikdash still stood. Chock full of fascinating information about the Mikdash, the keilim, and the processes used to prepare the lechem ha-panim, shtei ha-lechem, and the menachos, this book keeps kids spellbound as they venture forth into a world we hope to witness again, very soon in our days.

ISBN 9781680259445
Author Yaakov Meir Strauss
Illustrator Tova Katz
Editor Deena Nataf
Translator Nehemiah Klein
Number of pages 292
Binding type Paperback

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Weight2 lbs
Dimensions6 × 9 in



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