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The Kichel Collection 3

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Step into the lives of the frum family that’s just like yours! Laugh along with the Kichels as they navigate shidduchim and shopping and everything in between — full of foibles, foresight, and fun.

The third volume in this bestselling series, The Kichel Collection 3 has over eighty pages of comics and is packed with exclusive bonus content, including a peek into the design process, behind-the-scenes secrets, a how-to-draw guide, and a journey to the Kichels’ past.

Join the Kichel family to discover why the strip has been called the best source of insight into frum life today.

In a world filled with anxiety, you let us escape into a fun world — where we look into the mirror and discover how we can become better as individuals and as a community.”

Rabbi Menachem Nissel

Not too many people are capable of creating laughter that is authentically Jewish, laughter that celebrates rather than denigrates, that allows us to see the joy that exists within the sometimes frustrating habits we’ve developed over a couple of thousand years in galus. The Kichels is a breath of fresh air and an island of Yiddishe laughter.”

Yisroel Besser

ISBN 9781680255775
Author Chani Judowitz, Bracha Stein
Publisher Feldheim Publishers
Number of pages 112

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