The Hidden Crown

Revealing Hashem’s Majesty Through The Covid-19 Pandemic

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The winter of 2019-2020 rocked the world with the news that an unstoppable, deadly virus was spreading like wildfire. Within a matter of days, the world as we knew it disappeared. Confined to our houses and fearful of a virus that seemed to be overtaking every aspect of the lives we knew, the world could only watch as chaos reigned. Healthy people found themselves in hospital struggling to breathe, and thousands died.


This raised so many questions: What message is God sending us? How can we reconcile our belief in a just and caring God when sickness and death are running rampant?

Coronavirus forced many toward depression, breakdown, financial struggles, and marital strain. Fear, panic, and stress hung like black clouds over everyone’s heads.

I felt obligated to present an approach that would help people navigate this difficult time; presenting a clear method of returning to our core values, rather than relying on vague, undefined ideas. These topics include emunah, community, unity, responsibility, and many more.

The Hidden Crown is a collection of classes that I gave at the time, but these messages are as important today as they were then.

ISBN 9781988022642
Author Rabbi Avraham Moyal
Number of pages 285

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